Lvyuanji Technology


Sichuan lvyuanji Technology Co., Ltd. was established inIn July 2015, with smart medicine and smart medicine as the core, science and technology as the mission to help healthy life and make health accessible, and the concept of being a good partner of pharmaceutical enterprises and a good helper of pharmaceutical people, it is a TCM health service provider and a provider of smart medical solutions to customize personalized healthy lifestyle for consumers It is a service provider that helps traditional enterprises' informatization and digital transformation.

In 2020, it won the title of data analysis in the third data productivity competition of fansoft“Special anti epidemic award Excellence Award”,Five software copyrights have been obtained (16 in total, which have met the certification conditions of high-tech enterprises), and three registered trademark certificates have been obtained and included in the listScientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprisesDirectories.

二、core business

1. Management platform of primary medical institutions -- Xiaolan Benyun Medical Center

Empowering the all-round intelligent diagnosis and treatment management cloud platform of basic medical institutions to help clinics with efficient diagnosis and treatment and scientific management。


2. Internet hospital platform -- Qihuang medical officer

Qihuang medical officer is China's Internet big data health service platform. By integrating online and offline medical service resources and providing users with online diagnosis and treatment whole process services and big health services, Qihuang medical officer has formed four business segments: remote diagnosis and treatment, door-to-door drug delivery, sub-health conditioning and health mall, and is committed to becoming a leader in the field of online health management.


3. Shared cloud pharmacy platform - qihuangyun pharmacy

Prescription circulation and undertaking, the clinic has no inventory and no capital backlog, prescribes and sells drugs, and distributes them home for patients.


4. Informatization solution service - informatization of medical institutions

Provide customized information solutions for medical institutions, so that medical institutions have high management and business efficiency.


Lvyuanji technology focuses on providing professional information, Internet and intelligent solutions for enterprises and medical institutions. Including regional medical consortia, Internet hospitals, shared pharmacies and dataBIVisualization, basic information construction, operation and maintenance and other services.