Green Materia Medica

Sichuan Green Herb Technology Co., Ltd. applies cutting-edge technology, and widely applies the refined formulas in many fields, such as personal care, oral care, food, cosmetics, etc., and creates four major brands, namely, COLCX (toiletries brand), Qianfangbaiji (oral care brand), Jirunfang (cosmetic brand), and MORE THAN (food brand), to fully lead the new green and healthy life style.

Relying on the first-class R&D platform and strong scientific research strength of the New Green Pharmaceutical Group, the company brings together more than 20 experts in the fields of biology, botany, dermatology and other areas of 700+ types of pharmaceutical plants, and applies advanced ultra-micro-molecule technology and instantaneous drying and locking technology, to specialize in anti-hair loss and revitalization ingredient - COLCX, and the patented gingival ingredient -Chuan Xiong and Bai Mao Gen and other specialized efficacy ingredients, which are widely used in the personal care products under the company's umbrella to optimize the experience of use, under the prerequisite of guaranteeing the efficacy of the company.