Green Materia Medica

Sichuan lvyuancao Technology Development Co., Ltd. is subordinate to xinlvyuancao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and integrates R & D, production and sales. It has three brands: Qianbaiji (personal care of traditional Chinese Medicine), Jirun (cosmetics of traditional Chinese Medicine) and Mo ran (products of traditional Chinese Medicine)& nbsp; Exploring the world's materia medica and making the world of Materia Medica, green materia medica aims to create high-quality consumer goods of traditional Chinese medicine and meet the healthy life needs of high-end consumers at home and abroad by inheriting the Millennium culture of traditional Chinese medicine, combining modern medical science and technology and taking genuine medicinal materials as raw materials.

Graphic introduction of qianfang Baiji products

1、Washing series



Product Name: qianfang Baiji & nbsp; Zhenyangshurun amino acid shampoo

Product specification:400ml

Efficacy: rich in large leaf seaweed extract and Selaginella extract,For medium dry scalp, nourish the scalp and moisturize thick hair.





Product Name: qianfang Baiji & nbsp; Zhenyangjingche amino acid shampoo

Product specification:400ml

Efficacy: rich in ten kinds of amino acids, Norwegian spruce leaf extract,For oily scalp, nourish the scalp and make it fluffy and thick






Product Name: qianfang Baiji & nbsp; Jing pure plant extract maintenance and moisturizing essential oil

Product specification:40ml

Efficacy: rich in Macadamia nut seed oil and Moroccan nut oil, it can deeply repair hair scales, glow beautiful luster and strengthen hair.








Product Name:Qianfang Baiji Jingchun Yingrun hair care cream

Product specification:268g

Efficacy: select plant essential oil to repair five damaged hair: dry, fragile, irritable, forked and dull, cultivate hair roots and strengthen hair.








Product Name:Qianfang Baiji Jing pure scalp carenightAn essence

Product specification:21ml

Product efficacy: Good morning essence.Balance scalp oil,Repair barrierUV protectiondamage,Prevent scalp oxidative aging and establish scalp umbrellaGood night essence,Nourish scalp,Activate hair follicles,Rejuvenated hair mother cells,Promote "core" students,fluffyTough hair,Hydrated luster。







Product name:Qianfang Baiji Cyanine pure scalp essence

Product specification:15ml

Product efficacy:Anti oxygen and anti-aging,Promote "core" studentsImprove hair follicle blockageTough hair,Local carved hairline, intensive repair of the hardest hit areas.





2、Oral series



Product name:Thousand prescriptions and hundred doses of herbal fragrance toothpaste [Huiyi]

Taste: xueyingmei, yuezhaolan, Dingfeng bamboo, Dongli Chrysanthemum


producteffect:Reduce gingival inflammation, reduce gingival bleeding and freshen your breath





Product Name: qianfang Baiyao herbal toothpaste with cedar mint flavor


Efficacy: reduce gingival inflammation and oral odor

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