Jiangxi New Green

Enterprise profile of Jiangxi Xinxin green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd

1、 Overview:

Jiangxi new green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangxi new green pharmaceutical) was established in April 2019. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan new green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. and was listed as a major key project in Jiangxi Province in 2020. With a registered capital of 100 million yuan, it is a professional enterprise mainly focusing on the cultivation, processing, scientific research, production and trade of medicinal materials. It is mainly engaged in the production and operation of granules, capsules, dropping pills, tablets and pieces of traditional Chinese medicine.

2、 Enterprise scale

Jiangxi new green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the "modern traditional Chinese medicine production base of new green traditional Chinese medicine industry" at No. 399, Cigu Road, chuangcheng, traditional Chinese medicine, Ganjiang New District, directly under the jurisdiction of Jiangxi Province. The total investment of the project is 1.25 billion yuan, covering an area of 201 mu. The first phase construction of the company was started in August 2019 and completed in December 2020, with a construction area of about 100000 square meters, mainly including extraction workshop, formula particle workshop The quality inspection center, traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, sewage treatment plant and shift dormitory building have been completed and put into trial operation.

3、 Enterprise development

Jiangxi new green pharmaceutical will rely on the strong scientific research and technical team of the group company to establish a quantifiable quality management index system and apply modern pharmaceutical technology to realize the industrialization, standardization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules. The company introduces the most advanced production equipment automatic control system, low temperature concentration system and spray drying system in the industry to realize automatic control of production process. The company has an annual production capacity of 1000 tons of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and 1000 tons of traditional Chinese medicine formula particles, and will become the first production base with the highest intelligent level of traditional Chinese medicine formula particles in East China. It is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2021. It is expected to reach production in the third year after putting into operation, with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan.

The growth and expansion of modern traditional Chinese medicine enterprises is the epitome of the rise of national traditional Chinese medicine. We are willing to be the forerunner of the four modernizations of traditional Chinese medicine, contribute our strength to the rise of national medicine, feel glory in the progress and create innovation in the challenge“ The vision of our enterprise is to "consolidate the root of health, build the foundation of science and technology and promote the light of national quintessence". Our enterprise is determined to take root in the innovation city of traditional Chinese medicine in Ganjiang new area, Jiangxi Province and be a pioneer in leading the modernization of traditional Chinese Medicine.