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Sichuan Neo-Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NGP), the former Sichuan Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co.. Ltd., was established in 2009. It is one of the six pilot enterprises of TCM formula granules (the only one in the western region) and mainly engaged in the R&D, production and operation of TCM formula granules, and also TCM decoction pieces, a variety of TCM preparations and TCM health products. Over the development of more than a decade, NGP has grown into a "high-tech enterprise", a " National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization" (since 2000), a national "Torch Program" enterprise, and a key enterprise in the first batch of the "Three Single Batches" TCM Key Construction Program of Sichuan Province, and has 2 national-level scientific research platforms and 3 provincial-level ones, undertaken the national Torch Program projects, 863 scientific research projects and 266 major scientific and technological projects at national and provincial levels, NGP has applied for 269 patents and been granted 177 ones, including 46 invention patents and 119 utility models, applied for 4 foreign patents, and won one first prize and one second prize of Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. 

NGP has 329 bases for planting Chinese herbs of 169 varieties, covering an area of nearly one million mu, located in more than twenty provinces, cities or autonomous regions including Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu, Xinjiang, Jilin, and Ningxia. NGP has an 855-mu TCM formula granules industry park with an annual output of TCM formula granules up to 10000t. The sales service outlets can be found all over China and the products are sold to more than ten countries in six continents in the world, generating nearly 4 billion business revenue each year. 

Take social responsibilities under the leadership of soldiers 

Under the background that the COVID-19 was rampant in 2020, the Board Chairman Zhou Houcheng, who was an ex-soldier and made it his own mission to take social responsibilities and keep concerned about the country, made a prompt decision after being informed of the pandemic on the night of January 20 to ask Professor Hu Changjiang, Director of the pharmacology institute of the company, to make a pandemic prevention prescription and distribute supplies for epidemic prevention to all employees and family members for free; During the pandemic, NGP sent 138 volunteers and 28 "Mobile Emergency Smart Pharmacies for TCM" respectively to more than 350 medical organizations including Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Red Cross, Leishenshan Hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital,  the makeshift hospital in Jiangxia District, distributed more than 500,000 doses of TCM formula granules in total for pandemic prevention free of charge, collected supplies for pandemic prevention by taking advantage of global resources of the Company, and donated drugs and materials of more than RMB 38 million. Of all the front-line staff of the Company, no single one got infected. It was reported by CCTV News and News 1+1 for seven consecutive days, covered by central and local media for over a hundred times, and also specially reported on Qiushi Journal of the 6th issue of 2020. The TCM formula granules and "Mobile Emergency Smart Pharmacies for TCM" were highly spoken of by academicians in the Chinese Academy of Engineering including Zhang Boli, Huang Luqi and Tong Xiaolin for their roles in the pandemic prevention and control. We received thank-you notes from more than a hundred organizations including National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the makeshift hospital in Jiangxia District. In the thank-you note from Huoshenshan Hospital, it reads: the "Mobile Emergency Smart Pharmacies for TCM" and "Smart TCM Pharmacy" system carries forward the quintessence of Chinese culture by modern technology and is a revolutionary initiative for Chinese medicine and pharmacology to serve patients in fast and efficient manners. The "Mobile Emergency Smart Pharmacies for TCM" is included by NDRC into the Reference Reserve List of Emergency Treatment Supplies for Major Epidemic Disease Treatment Bases. Stay true to our original aspiration and founding mission. In the new era, Neo-Green Pharmaceutical (NGP) will continue to work together with like-minded partners in its endeavor to accomplish the mission of “bringing out the best in traditional Chinese medicine based on science and technology to address health issues at source”. Innovations will be introduced in science and technology, products, organizational structure, and business model to improve the health of all mankind! 

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