Yunnan New Green

Enterprise profile of Yunnan new green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd

1、 Overview

Yunnan new green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunnan new green pharmaceutical) complied with the three business cards of "green energy, green food and healthy life destination" created by Yunnan provincial Party committee and provincial government, Tengchong developed the development strategy of biomedicine and "great health" industry, and settled in Tengchong in August 2018 through the investment attraction platform. Yunnan new green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise focusing on the cultivation, processing, scientific research, production and trade of medicinal materials. It is mainly engaged in the production and operation of granules, capsules, pills, tablets and pieces of traditional Chinese medicine.

2、 Honor

Since its establishment, Yunnan new green pharmaceutical has continuously introduced excellent talents to improve its comprehensive strength while accelerating the construction progress of the plant. From 2019 to 2020, it will be listed as the "four hundred" key projects, key industrial investment projects and key projects with an output value of more than 1 billion in Yunnan Province.


Yunnan Neo-Green Pharmaceutical factory is located at No.12 Huitong Road ,Border Economic Cooperation Zone,Tengchong , Baoshan, Yunnan Province,covers an area of about 160 acres, landed investment of nearly 200 million yuan. The total construction area of about 52,195.42 ㎡,the main construction: the workshop for Chinese herbal slices、the workshop for extraction、the workshop for TCM granules、administrative building and related facilities,the construction of 6 processing lines,the company introduces the most advanced production equipment self-control system, ,low-temperature concentration system, spray drying system in the industry to realize automatic control of the production process .

4、 Economic Benefits

After the completion of the project, it is expected annual production capacity of 1,000 tons of TCM decoction pieces and 1,000 tons of TCM formula granules, with annual production and sales are expected to reach 1 billion yuan, provision of more than 200 jobs,build an industrialization platform for entrepreneurship and innovation, and boost the transformation and upgrading of Tengchong's biopharmaceutical and comprehensive health industry .

5、 Prospects

Relying on the strong scientific research and technical team of the group company, Yunnan new green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has carried out production technology research and established process procedures for 500 commonly used formula granules, established a quantifiable quality management index system, and applied modern pharmaceutical technology to realize the industrialized production and processing of 500 traditional Chinese medicine formula granules.

The growth and expansion of modern traditional Chinese medicine enterprises is the epitome of the rise of national traditional Chinese medicine. We are willing to be the forerunner of the four modernizations of traditional Chinese medicine, contribute our strength to the rise of national medicine, feel glory in the progress and create innovation in the challenge. At the same time, Yunnan new green pharmaceutical will keep in mind its original heart, never forget its mission, join hands with like-minded people, inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine culture of the motherland for thousands of years with modern science and technology, and make unremitting efforts for the health cause of all mankind!