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New Green Medicine defines talents as having both ability and political integrity, with virtue as the most important factor. Build a high-quality, high-responsibility, high-load, and high-paying talent team. Establish a benign operating mechanism that combines responsibilities, powers, and benefits to create conditions for the growth of talents and the growth of the talent team. Accept the diversity of employees with an open and tolerant attitude, fully stimulate the creativity of employees, and enable all kinds of talents to be fully developed in the company. The talent development system is based on the post competency quality model, from the two-way channel of management ability improvement and professional depth improvement, hierarchical and hierarchical training. A market-competitive salary system and a standardized and complete welfare system allow employees to work safely and steadily, and develop together with the company.

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The company has always adhered to the salary concept of "providing first-class remuneration for first-class talents", allowing employees to share the company's operating results with the company. The salary level of employees mainly depends on the position, performance and ability. The company encourages high-performance employees to have high incomes and always maintains the competitiveness of employees' income in the same industry. In addition to various social insurance, provident funds, paid holidays and other benefits prescribed by the state, we also provide traffic accident insurance, birthday benefits, holiday benefits, meal subsidies and other benefits.
In order to better provide the company with a suitable talent team, the company starts with optimizing training objects and training types, innovating training forms, and expanding the depth and connotation of training content; at the same time, it will further increase the management of training and increase training and incentives. , Performance appraisal linkage, build the structure of the company's learning team.

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