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New green medicine "Jingying College" was established on December 14, 2014. Zhou Houcheng, chairman of Sichuan new green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd., is also the president of "Jingying College". Enterprise university is a new training system for enterprises to cultivate talents and effectively promote learning and development. New green medicine "Jingying College" is to comply with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine formula granule industry and market rules, to meet the needs of new green medicine development strategy, to promote the healthy development of enterprises, with enterprise executives and professional internal training team as teachers, through effective training methods such as teaching, combat simulation, case discussion and interactive teaching, to provide continuous intellectual support for enterprise personnel training. The school is located in Pengzhou, Chengdu, with three training classrooms of different specifications, which can accommodate up to 500 people to study at the same time. The university has more than 30 lecturers, including middle and senior management cadres, core business backbones and external lecturers.

University Orientation

1. Become the company's high potential talent training base and achieve corporate strategy booster.

2. Establish corporate image and competitive advantage, and strive to build and spread core corporate culture.

3. Improve the quality and business skills of employees, promote the professional development of employees, attract development talents, and support the company's business development and human capital appreciation.

Characteristics of running a school

"Jingying College" of new green medicine is a training center specially set up for the sales staff of new green medicine. It adheres to the talent concept of "helping the people who dream of affirming actors and achieving Thanksgiving", provides continuous, systematic and advanced targeted high-quality training, and perfectly interprets the cultural connotation of cultivating high potential and combat effectiveness sales team.

The first "sailing" training course of the new green medicine "Jingying College" opened on December 14, 2014. It is a centralized closed training for the sales personnel in various regions after the establishment of the company's enterprise university. Chairman Zhou Houcheng's orientation of this training course is "the first phase of the new green drug" Huangpu Military Academy ", and he has high hopes for the elite university. The training started on December 14 and ended smoothly on December 23. The effective training period is 10 days. 45 business managers from eight sales regions including North, central China, northwest, East China, Central South, West, southwest and South China attended the training. In terms of curriculum setting, the training fully implemented the company's enterprise talent concept of "helping dreamers, affirming actors and achieving gratefulness". Guided by the three modules of "enterprise culture", "product knowledge" and "skill experience", the training focused on the company's general situation, company system, professionalism, traditional Chinese medicine culture, introduction of traditional Chinese medicine formula particles, promotion of intelligent Chinese medicine pharmacy, training of traditional Chinese medicine, and training of traditional Chinese medicine In terms of the whole industry chain, all staff marketing skills, regional management and hospital sales visiting skills, the trainees' understanding and cognition of the company's competitive products and core competitiveness have been comprehensively improved by means of centralized teaching, on-the-spot investigation, situational simulation, role playing and other training forms, and their sales skills and business abilities have been effectively improved, and all staff marketing awareness has been fully established, Cultivate the new green people's enterprise pride of "strengthening the root of health, establishing the foundation of science and technology, and promoting the light of national quintessence", and establish a sense of belonging and identity to the enterprise. This training course has set up a new image for the company's enterprise university, and made great breakthroughs and progress in the aspects of curriculum systematization, student management, course effect control, evaluation, publicity and implementation of corporate culture. It provides an effective reference for the subsequent "elite college" to carry out normalized, continuous and advanced training for business personnel, and plays a good benchmark Demonstration function.

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