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    On May 16, the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced the list of qualified and replacement national key leading enterprises for agricultural industrialization for the tenth time. NGP was listed among them.


    On 12th January, NGP was ranked 6th and 32nd among the Top 100, differently in "Sichuan Enterprises in Technological Innovation and Development" and "Sichuan Enterprises in Invention Patent Ownership", for its excellent innovation and scientific research capability.

    Since the first time to support the epidemic in Wuhan in 2020, as of 31 December 2022, NGP has sent "Mobile Emergency Smart Pharmacies for TCM" more than 100 times, covering 28 provinces and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Henan, etc., and over 1,000 volunteers were mobilize, and donated TCM formula granules and materials for pandemic prevention amounting to more than RMB 38 million. 



    There were 25 pieces of material objects for fighting against the pandemic ending up in permanent collections of the National Museum of China. 

    "NGP" TCM Formula Granules were awarded the title of "Honest Product" in Sichuan Province.

    The battle against the epidemic was officially included in the China Management Case Sharing Centre as an MBA teaching case.

    The project "Neo Green Reflecting Sanjiang - Modern TCM Industry" was formally signed.

    NGP was granted the title of "Advanced Collective Fighting against COVID-19". 

    The new variety of Chuanxiong " No.2 NGP Chuanxiong " was awarded the "Certificate of Recognition of Non-major Crop Varieties in Sichuan Province".



    Appearing in CCTV News for 6 times and reported in Qiushi and People's Tribune for active fight against COVID-19 By the end of April, NGP had sent 28 "Mobile Emergency Smart Pharmacies for TCM" and 138 volunteers respectively to more than 350 hospitals and organizations including Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, and Leishenshan Hospital, distributed more than 500,000 doses of TCM formula granules in total free of charge, and donated TCM formula granules and materials for pandemic prevention amounting to more than RMB 38 million. 

    In Jilin (Shulan) and Xinjiang, NGP once again rushed to help when the epidemic broke out.

    TCM formula granules were exported to 15 countries and regions, including Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic, Canada, and Brazil, making a great contribution to the efforts of global fight against the pandemic. 

    the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the National Health Commission (NHC) of the People's Republic of China and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM) issued the Notice on Issuance of the Capacity Building Plan for Public Health Prevention, Control and Treatment (FGWSH [2020] No. 735), in which "Mobile Emergency Smart Pharmacy for TCM" was included in the "reference reserve list of emergency supplies of national major epidemic treatment bases".

    Sichuan Green Hengli Inspection and Testing Co., Ltd. and Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. joint laboratory were listed.

    Sichuan Green Herb Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the World Federation of Societies of Traditional Chinese Medicine signed a framework agreement on cooperation in trade in Chinese medicine services.

    A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with the "International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission". 

    The establishment of the "Chengdu Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation" was approved.

    NGP funded the construction of "Houcheng Building" for Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

    NGP was granted the title of "Sichuan Advanced Collective Fighting against COVID-19” and the "First Prize of CRACM Science and Technology Progress Award". 



    The first non-public enterprise Party committee was established in Pengzhou City. Afterward, the first Party meeting of the CPC Sichuan Neo Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. was held.

    NGP’s new office building with a floor area of more than 30,000 square meters was completed and moved in.

    The construction of over 300 standardized planting bases across the country has been completed; around the whole industrial chain of TCM formula granules, NGP owns 269 (including 4 overseas) items of independent intellectual property rights.


    NGP was jointly recognized as a National Enterprise Technology Center of the 24th batch by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation. 

    NGP was officially issued with CNAS certificate and ascended to the rank of Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. 

    The cornerstone ceremony of the "Modern TCM High Technology Industrialization Base Project" (Phase III pharmaceutical factory) was held in the Industrial Development Zone of Zhihe Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province.

    NGP invested in the filming of the large-scale international TCM documentary "Herbs without Borders", which is aimed at promoting the culture of TCM and telling the story of people and events of TCM on the "Belt and Road" from ancient times to the present days.

    NGP was listed as one of the first batch of "Precision Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Enterprises" by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology.

    NGP was awarded as the "Most Growing TCM Enterprise" in Sichuan Province.

    NGP was awarded as one of the top 100 Sichuan enterprises, in terms of innovation and development capability, research and experimental development investment, and invention patent ownership, respectively in 2018.


    Sichuan Green Herb Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Green Power Sales Co., Ltd. were established.

    Co-created by NGP and Beijing Sun Sacred Fire, starring famous movie stars Zhao Wenzhuo and Tong Yao, and sung by Ji Ke Junyi, the public service music movie "Love of New Green", aims to promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, was broadcasted in the cycle of CCTV-6 and CCTV-3.

    NGP was approved by the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department to establish the "Sichuan Chuanxiong Engineering Technology Research Center".



    Chengdu Yuheng Industrial Manufacturing Co. Ltd was established.

    NGP was approved to establish the Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base of Sichuan Province.

    The opening ceremony was held in Prague for Czech TCM center established in cooperation with the Affiliated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Southwest Medical University and MEDIRECO A.S. under the witness of the provincial people's government. 

    The National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine approved the establishment of "Key Lab for Evaluations on the Quality and Efficacy of TCM Formula Granules". 

    The project of "TCM formula granules preparation and automatic delivery system" independently completed won the second prize of 2015 Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. 

    The project "Research and Demonstration on Recovery and Reconstruction, Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Medicinal Materials in 5.12 Huge Earthquake-stricken Areas" won the First Prize in Sichuan Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress in 2015.


    Sichuan Zhongrui Tianyue Real Estate Co., Ltd., Sichuan Lvyuanji Technology Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Green Qihuang Hospital Management Co., Ltd. established.

    NGP was recognized by the Sichuan Development and Reform Commission as "Sichuan Engineering Laboratory of TCM Formula Granules Research and Technology".

    TCM formula granules, TCM decoction pieces and toxic TCM decoction pieces were certified by new-version national GMP. 


    NGP was assessed as a Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Provincial Finance Department, Sichuan Provincial Administration of Local Taxation, and Chengdu Customs, People's Republic of China.

    The new variety of Chuanxiong " No.1 NGP Chuanxiong" passed the validation of the Sichuan Crop Appraisal Committee.

    Chen Keji, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Li Lianda, and Li Lemin, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, under the organization of the provincial Science and Technology Department, appraised the NGP's "TCM formula granule preparation and automatic dispensing system" project for scientific and technological achievements, after the appraisal, the results show the overall technology reach the leading level of the same kind of research in China, and the international advanced level.

    NGP was approved as the first batch of pilot enterprises of Sichuan Province for the cultivation project of industrial enterprises' ability to utilize intellectual property rights.

    NGP was listed as one of the key development enterprises of "small giant" in Sichuan Province.



    The 5th generation automatic dispensing system was put into use successfully. The whole dispensing process is automatic, and the pharmacy only needs 1 staff.

    “The Application Research of Automatic Dispensing System of TCM Formula Granules” has been listed into special TCM subject of Scientific and Technological Project of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Approved to be “Sichuan Province TCM Formula Granules Project Technology Research Center” by Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province.

    Rated as AAAAA level president unit by Sichuan Chamber of Commerce for Im-export.

    图片 8.png


    The fourth generation six-station automatic dispensing system was developed successfully and put into the market for using.

    High-tech industrialized project (Phase Ⅱ pharmaceutical factory) of TCM formula granules and TCM series extracts was started to build.

    The Chuan Xiong Base was accredited for the second time by the national GAP.

    TCM decoction pieces and poisonous TCM decoction pieces passed the accreditation of national GMP.

    The logo of “Qianfangbaiji” was rated as the famous logo in Sichuan.


    Since 2011, it has been rated as “National Hi-tech Enterprise” successively for many times. 

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    TCM formula granules automatic dispensing was listed into the promotion projects of scientific and technological results by China TCM technology Development Exchange Center.

    It was rated as the “Top 10 Decoction Pieces Enterprise Brand” in the 2010 summit of TCM industry brands co-held by Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, National Lizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Chinese Medicine Newspaper Office.


    The third generation smart TCM pharmacy appeared, which dispenses with multiple holes and integrates weighing doses and packaging. This has taken a large step for the dispenser to a fully intelligent channel.

    TCM formula granules passed the re-accreditation from national GMP.


    The Chuan Xiong Base passed the accreditation from national GAP.


    Undertook the second batch of key scientific and technological patents in Chengdu -- improve the dissolving performance study on formula granules.

    TCM formula granules and TCM decoction pieces passed accreditation of national GMP.

    “Research on Standardized Planting of Sichuan Authentic Medicinal Herbs, Chuan Xiong” was awarded the third prize of Sichuan Province Scientific-technical Progress.


    Sichuan Neo Green Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was founded.

    Chuan Xiong GAP Base was listed as the national first batch of “Scientific and Technological Demonstration Area of Standardized Planting of National TCM Modern Technology Industry Park (Sichuan)”.

    “TCM formula granules and refined TCM decoction pieces” was awarded national torch programme project certificate granted by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

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    It was approved as TCM granules pilot manufacturer (GYJZ [2002] No. 211 document) by National Medical Products Administration.


    It was rated as “National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization” by 8 ministries and commissions such as Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.

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    Sichuan Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded.

    TCM decoction pieces factory was started to build.



    TCM formula project was set up in Sichuan Province People’s Government and carried out the study on more than 400 single Chinese herbs granules together with the former Sichuan Province TCM Research Institute, Chengdu University of TCM and West China School of Pharmacy Sichuan University.


    Tianle Company was founded.

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